What We Do
We Make Pipelines More Friendly

Friendly to their operators, friendly to property owners and neighbors, and friendly to the environment. Not only will that make the job of owners/operators better and easier, but makes the industry better by helping strengthen its reputation of being a good neighbor and steward.

How We Do It

We use our patent pending IsoPig® (Piggable Blind Flange) to solve an old problem with a new technology. Specifically, we allow pipeline operators to repair their lines without putting holes in them, without welding fittings on them or shutting down and draining.

The IsoPig is a proprietary piggable pipeline isolation tool that uses real-time data communication to set, monitor and unset the tool. The communication system uses proven technology to send and receive data through ground cover and the pipe wall, without needing to be in contact with the pipe. This means the IsoPig(s) can be stopped anywhere in the line and “set” to isolate pressure, on both sides of a repair site, without excavation at the isolation point, and without holes, fittings or any other trace of its existence. When the job is over, we leave “No Holes, No Trace, No Waste” of an isolation having taken place.

Besides, the IsoPig is leak-free and a true double-block.  It is easily piggable and is designed to put low stress on the pipewall.  Pipeline isolation pigs are the standard method of pressure isolation in offshore pipelines, so the goal of PipePIG is to bring this new but proven technology to the onshore market.

Why We Do It

Because It Is Best And We Know How

We know this business, and we genuinely believe in the IsoPig, our service and our ability to improve the way in which the industry does business.

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